Topic: Import from OLAP a cube in table MySQL

Import from OLAP a cube in table MySQL.
The task following.
Computer corporate - anything to install in system it is impossible. Therefore, even the connector for Excel in MySQL - is not installed.
There is local DB MySQL, portable.
There is an exterior cube - on a network. To a cube simply there is an access, anything to correct or even simply to talk to its author - it does not turn out.
It is necessary to pump up the data from a cube in the table in mine MySQL.
Question: whether it is possible to automate it? Whether it is possible to make request directly from MySQL?


Re: Import from OLAP a cube in table MySQL

I am afraid that regular means MySQL it is impossible.
MySQL is able to connect only to MySQL.
But if you can preempt the necessary data in the text file it then is simple for loading in MySQL with the help mysqlimport/LOAD DATA INFILE.