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Kind time of days!
Colleagues, I lift a forum on an engine phpbb3 3.1.7-pl1 in a corporate network, there was an integration question c AD, LDAP the server in a network is, by the client to it I can be hooked from the forum server, in PHP.ini LDAP extension is added, in PHPinfo LDAP it is visible

LDAP Support enabled
RCS Version $Id: 8ab0fe072786e6f8d7dbd47b6a4897e81ce89ec3$
Total Links 0/unlimited
API Version 3001
Vendor Name OpenLDAP
Vendor Version 20433
SASL Support Enabled

In the administration unit in phpBB I register as follows:
Server name: ldaps://xxx_dc1.xxx.office.xxxxxx.ru:636
Port: 636
The main name LDAP: DC=XXX, DC=office, DC=XXXXXX, DC=ru
Identification number LDAP: sAMAccountName (specified as in an example from the Internet)
The filter of user name LDAP: objectClass=person (specified as in an example from the Internet)
E-mail attribute LDAP: a mail
User LDAP: [dn]: ********* @xxx.office.xxxxx.ru
The password: *********
As a result I receive: Attempt of communication with server LDAP with the specified name/password is not went right .
PS: the Password and login through the client transit successfully.
Prompt where to dig)))).


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Cyrillics in login/password not , a case?
Connection with ldap://(without "s") too does not work?

strQwerty wrote:

the Password and login through the client transit successfully.

the Client works from the same server where the forum is installed?


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vkle, cyrillics are not present, the client launched from the server with the same name


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strQwerty wrote:

with with the same name

I do not know, you in it put what sense... In the theory, in LDAP restriction on hosts for the user (and on some other parameters) can be adjusted.
Generally, there is a sense to ask at administrator AD about existing parameters of connection and restrictions.


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vkle, means that launched the client on the server where tear a forum


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vkle, integration transited, only here on 389 port and not ldaps, now the task somehow to pass on ldaps


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strQwerty, support OpenSSL is?
From  to a manual:

http://php.net/manual/ru/function.ldap-connect.php wrote:

Make sure you compile OpenLDAP with OpenSSL support, and that you compile PHP with OpenLDAP and OpenSSL.