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Started to study programming and Word-VBA in particular. The chief on operation gave a file with ready macroes that there was a ready example for process acceleration. And so the example in any way does not accelerate this process) As though I it did not twirl, I can not understand how there is a creation of templates of frames. In the editor consider and there is nothing, and it works, thus also quickly!
Tried the analog  in VBA, but I had simply silly brakes. Prompt, how it to open? Or help with code acceleration. In advance thanks.


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With what was specific the unit/macro at you questions?


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Forgive for the durable waiting - exhausted on other questions.
Questions at me to all template as a whole: how it works? In macroes a hint on plotting of lines, inscriptions or that else, but thus all works.


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Gangrantua wrote:

Questions at me to all template as a whole: how it works?

Esteem about superstructures.
The citation
Construction of interfaces is used at creation of superstructures more often. The superstructure represents the invisible document with the built in VBA-code and with own additions to the interface, automatically opened by application at start. At start it does not show the body (i.e. document contents - the text, pictures and so forth), and is shown only by the changes in the interface and the connected macroes. Thus, Microsoft application Office adds the functional, and allows to edit other documents, using again received functions.
The document of a superstructure for Word has.dotm extension. Actually, the superstructure for Word is a normal template with support of macroes. For superstructures Excel and PowerPoint there are separate extensions-.xlam and.ppam accordingly.
Superstructures.xlam and.ppam it is simple so do not open in applications as the document for editing, therefore while such superstructure is not ready, it save as the normal document with support of macroes. And here the template.dotm can be opened in Word as a template.


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For review and editing of superstructures special programs are necessary.
I use RibbonXMLEditor.


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The program a bomb! Here only I about this charm already and so I know, and used, only in the hand-to-hand: opened a template in the archiver and made changes in _rels/.rels and in customUI/customUI.xml, beforehand creating the last.
And here concerning the enclosed template: RibbonXMLEditor does not open it (((