Topic: Pushing by buttons in the built in window of web page VBA

Good afternoon.
Your help is required.
On the web page there are 2 frames, on one of them (with title INC - ...) is the built in window which also is the separate web page (a screen I apply).
When you click the built in window, you come into properties, title  is displayed.
It is required by means of VBA to push inference  and the button the button to add a file in this built in window (a variant with  the mouse do not offer please). Possibility to install other browsers misses.  these buttons are not defined.
Possibly, it would be most convenient to make it with the help xpath request. If I correctly understand, for this purpose first of all is necessary URL the built in window. Tried to find in html the code of principal page URL of the built in web page. But it there is not present.
Who is ready to help, write please, working costs and periods.
Documents I apply on Yandex. A disk