Topic: Question on the adaptive imposition

I appear the manager of the project, I put the problem to technology professionals. Faced with questions on the adaptive imposition.
There is a task, to begin creation  for the organization ( on the basis of PHP + JavaScript).
It has been for this purpose decided to make the web page with samples  which will be used for fast creation .
Breadboard model with samples (without design): https://clck.ru/DKAAn
, 1 pages without vertical scrolling will become further by a principle.
Example: https://www.screencast.com/t/dYzehZgcZr
That vertical scrolling was not on any resolutions, imposition should become the adaptive.
To impose in , it is necessary a breadboard model with samples https://clck.ru/DKAAn or already finite  https://www.screencast.com/t/dYzehZgcZr?
Easier breadboard model with samples not to make without vertical scrolling since there it is a lot of .
But if  will be made without , whether creates it many problems, for the programmer who on the basis of samples will implement  on new, for everyone ?