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Good afternoon!
There is dynamic created button in Androjd application, the task for this button dynamic to create the handler. I.e. not simply to fasten the listener, namely to add a functional in the form of a script. I  the given subject. For the task the script written on Groovy most of all approaches. As Android Studio has the built in support of this language. I found article http://melix.github.io/blog/2014/06/grooid2.html with an example how dynamic to compile scripts. And this simple example even could repeat.
How now similarly to compile a question output agents for buttons, for example.
I ask the help as in the Internet while found nothing.


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I refused such invention for chance to catch permanent  above zero since the finite code cannot be checked up at layout in shop.
It at least is suspicious for antiviruses, as a maximum - a huge hole in safety.


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By youth did the project with usage SL4A


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https://www.ibm.com/developerworks/ru/l … index.html
Fastened python - worked.


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The project was not for a market


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Oleg Shishkin;
Thanks for the link.

wadman wrote:

I refused such invention

Yes similar way utopian.
While I see for myself some possible candidate solutions of a problem:
1. To use WebView, for display HTML of pages with JavaScript - in my opinion the most convenient variant and application can be allocated in a market
2. To use DexClassLoader and a reflection as it is described here https://cryptoworld.su/pishem-troyan-pod-android/ a simple example it turned out to collect. Application not manage to be allocated in a market
3. To try to understand with

Oleg Shishkin wrote:

python - worked

PS While application is not planned to allocate in a market


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WebView c JavaScript it is bad that on some smarts this sheaf very quietly falls with error JavaScript


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Here the link on used  http://www.srplab.com/en/files/others/c … droid.html


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Lifted source codes - we used http://www.srplab.com/en/files/wrapping … using.html
Though I tried and SL4A


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https://www.codeproject.com/Articles/33 … ng-CLE-and


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Generally quite good article... Me here enrages  .
The is with what more to compare I have, - desktop  (java). Absolutely  (I can generally to a touch  to the client without recompilation very much)
But ...
Also looked kivi... react native... cordova, kotlin c it dsl anko... All is inconvenient... Or brakes.
I can not pick up the decision with "lazy " execution in any way.


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If you know as appeared Java - much would become clear


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Personally I wait for leaving with Java on other platform - especially such decision already strongly becomes ripe at the mighty of this world. And it is necessary for the mighty of this world dynamic control of the device and its slave - "user". The question only in that is who to dare the first. I.e. when already to be solved all intermediate questions of passage on global control.