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Hello world!
At discovery EXCEL of a file I receive the message on impossibility to update a certain communication.
Prompt as it to find?


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To look among formulas, among names, in conditional formatting.


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And how to search in conditional formatting?


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To search in rules - suddenly somewhere the formula what refers to a range or a name in other book. Such happens, if cells are copied from other books with formats.
Plus it is possible to look even among connections (the tab for the data - Inquiries and Connections).


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Well and generally at you Excel shows where to search for the source file on which communication remained - disk R-Common - something somewhere "001 Task on automation "


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Thanks for your councils and explanations.
In my case the problem was in formulas on one of sheets.
I did not know, Ctrl+F by default searches on current sheet.
Changing search setup, under all book, I found problem cells and corrected in them formulas.