Topic: Simulation of typographical forms with fields

Let's admit, there is a typographical form with the ruled fields for filling by hand.
1. : ______________________________________
2. The address: _____________________________________
It is necessary to build its analog in Word, with autocompletion of fields (through bookmarks) through macroes/OLE.
1. : Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich __________________
2. The address: [Bookmark] ___________________________
How it is better than it ? Tables, styles, the lower underlining or somehow still?
Needless to say that a filled field
1) has the restricted sizes and should not break  the document (that is should not extend independently at width/height)
2) the underlined should be both the text interposed program, and empty empty space of a field
3) should not be such artifacts as here in my example in the field  - if underlining  is made by means of an element <u>, and  empty residual of a field  the character of the lower underlining in Chrome the difference is explicitly visible.


Re: Simulation of typographical forms with fields

1 - such forms it is better to do the requirement as the PDF-form. If this requirement to remove underlining of the "empty" part of a field and absence of "artifacts" will easily be organized by tabulation character.


Re: Simulation of typographical forms with fields

As a variant - a substrate in a Word -  or  a file, and on top it to fence the necessary