Kind time of days.
At me such problem: when I load in component TWebBrowser the document from the network server, and then I update the given document on this server and I load it in WebBrowser repeatedly the program loads the initiating version of the document. Obviously, all the matter is that the browser caches the document, and after loads it already from a cache, instead of from the server. As though to me to disaccustom it to this harmful occupation?
I found procedure Refresh which like as clears a cache, but here in what a problem - when I to it use (WebBrowser1.Refresh), is mandatory jumps out the message: "the Neolearnt error". Though any error here should not be at all.



Probably, it is already irrelevant, but in a network it is full of the information about it.
TWebbrowser uses adjustments and cache IE. I.e. he is not able to clean a cache. It is enough to disconnect caching ("to Check update of the saved pages" to deliver on "at each visiting") in adjustments IE.
Or, as a variant to clean in the register:

reg. OpenKey (' SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\Cache... ');