Topic: Adding QMainWindow inside QWidget


Re: Adding QMainWindow inside QWidget

Hello, arfaa, you wrote: A> Good afternoon, there is a project which someone already recommended me from you, attach in the form of archive. If briefly the special window which does not contain title but for which it is implemented resize is implemented, moving and all other functions inherent in standard window Qt, but are a problem if in this window I add qwidget with another qwidget' all is perfectly added, but it is necessary to me to add qwidget with qmainwindow inside, qwidget with qmainwindow is not displayed, that I did not write... QMainWindow it is not intended for embedding, at it flag Qt:: Window is exposed. It, of course, can be dropped, but it is not necessary, if do not want to seize somewhere unpredictable behavior. Take QMainWindow at once for a basis and do to it frameless. Or implement behavior QMainWindow manually - add dock area, menu, toolbar, statusbar, etc. directly in yours .