Topic: GCC, Elf, sections

Colleagues, at me such specific question. According to the documentation, gcc at generation  the code creates special sections in which places the appropriate information about :.rela.code.rela.data, etc. For creation of a resultant image I wrote own linker script in which it is accurate to the necessary addresses I decompose the code, the data and other. There is a purpose - to make so that on a direct system the loader could dynamic  the code. For this purpose I decided in  an image to drop these sections. For this purpose interposed in linker script the following code:....relocations: {* (.rela. *);}... But upon output section.relocations has zero length though in a.out which turns out from GCC sections dataful  are present. What do I do not so? P.S. I use the assembly gcc: m68k-elf-gcc for architecture MC68000, a direct system - the computer collected on a knee on the basis of this processor.