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All greetings! Whether prompt it is possible to generate following HTTP/HTTPS requests with usage libcurl: 1. MYMETHOD/zzz HTTP/1.0 2. MYMETHOD/zzz RTSP/1.0??? Where MYMETHOD any line,  from the point of view of HTTP. If yes, as? I.e. a question about  a method and the protocol in request.


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https://curl.haxx.se/libcurl/c/CURLOPT_ … UEST.html?


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Hello, gwg-605, you wrote: G6> i.e. a question about  a method and the protocol in request. I understand that , but nevertheless: I recommend to refrain from a sado-masochism in the protocol. Use standard verbs, differently sooner or later there will be on a way especially clever proxy, which  request as malformed. Without speaking already about integrations with everyones indirect  which too can swell up a little a little from madness brave and a song do not sing (here PATCH or even PUT sometimes miss what to speak about arbitrary verb).


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Hello, vsb, you wrote: vsb> https://curl.haxx.se/libcurl/c/CURLOPT_ … UEST.html? Thanks, but for RTSP do not work Can eat possibility to disconnect this "intelligence" and to work with RTSP as with normal HTTP?


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Begin with that what for it is necessary RTSP ? At it commands are strictly standardized well correct pair of lines of the code in libcurl and send though a word from four letters and that is not present, write the , there all that sent accepted  from a network