Topic: Conference SECR 2018 / Software development invites participants and lecturers

On October, 12-13th in Moscow 14th takes place SECR (Software development) - the conference annually representing a cutoff of all IT industry of Russia in 100 + events of the two-day program. 600 participants from representatives of a science and  experts to businessmen and investors gather on one platform to get acquainted with the best practical operating time of the leading IT companies of the country, to learn about new scientific researches, to conduct effective  and to communicate in a circle of colleagues. Distinctive singularity SECR - wide subject spanning and scale of a program part. Some simultaneous tracks of reports and master classes give the chance to select at any moment the most interesting performance and to make useful every minute conferences. Participants can get acquainted with experience of colleagues or glance in the adjacent interesting areas and specializations. Reports are selected on a competitive basis and transit some stages of reviewing. Annually SECR collects about 200 requests for performances. The program committee from more than 50 professionals of various areas of the IT industry selects best of them for switching-on in the program. Annually the best research report in the field of program engineering receives Bertrana Meyer's special award at a rate of 40.000 roubles. The winner is defined by members of program committee following the results of conference. Key speakers foreign and Russian experts of world level appear. In different years on SECR there came Bjorn Straustrup, Ivar Yakobson, Eric Rice, Alexey Galitsky, Arcady Dobkin, Dino Espozito and others. Except reports the event program includes small master classes and discussions on sensitive issues of the industry of software development into Russia. After performances speakers and participants continue dialogue in conference halls, assort private questions and consider the heard. The first day SECR by tradition completes specially organized Beer Party where talks proceed in informal conditions. Registration transits in some stages with prices Early Bird. Early tickets can be bought with a good discount. Special sentences for students, post-graduate students, teachers of HIGH SCHOOLS, and also employees of companies-members RUSSOFT besides operate. To learn about conference is more detailed, to esteem responses and to look, as transited SECR last years it is possible on a site: https://secrus.org/. To become speaker SECR, leave the request for the report for a conference site: https://secrus.org/.