Topic: VB, Razor and a recursion.

It is not assured that in this branch, but a question it is more on VB.
Assorted an example written on C#: https://metanit.com/sharp/mvc5/5.18.php
During transposition on VB - received the idle code.
Began to dig more deeply and came across impossibility of usage of a recursion. An example idle time:

@Helper MyProc (ByVal an As Integer)
@<p> The Call of a helper with parameter and = a </p>
@If a> 1 Then
MyProc (a - 1)
@<p> A = a that is more 1. A recursion call.... </p>
End If
End helper
@MyProcess (10)

On an output I receive:

Call of helper MyProcess with parameter =10
A=10 That it is more 10. A recursion call....

And all. I.e. any recursive call.
What do I do not so?. The author of initial article states that all works...
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