Topic: Visual studio 2018 and project structure

It is not assured that here, but here about a C ++ smile
It is necessary to translate the huge project on . There is a big dial-up of directories and subdirectories in which logically and to subsystems are spaced apart  units.
However at attempt to add pair of classes in the decision, the environment simply all throws in a project root, ignoring a way in . I only found certain "filters" In adjustments which type of the virtual directories. But same not a variant to double  the virtual folders in the project.
Also if to use a unit from way  in include it is necessary to specify the relative way from a current unit that generally I think the wrong decision (type include ".\.\.\SytemOne\Classes\MySuperClass.h")
Can eat what that a variant that l picked up all files with , and at creation it was possible to set file name without instructions of the relative way? Or I generally incorrectly do all?  as correctly not could smile


Re: Visual studio 2018 and project structure

Generally a file structure of source codes in folders and structure of units in the project -
Absolutely independent things. So created the unit, saved it in what you want a folder,
Mouse dragged in what you want a project place.