Topic: class names how to be?

Hello, there was such problem. Started to fasten to a site online the adviser, at setting I receive an error
Fatal error: Cannot declare class Error, because the name is already in use
That is, the server side of the adviser was written on php5. *, on the project the version in which is used 7 appeared  class Error with which actually and the class with the same name in the adviser clashes. Prompt as to be in the present state of affairs. To roll away the version php not a variant, anybody to me does not allow so to make.


Re: class names how to be?

For such situations also have been invented .


Re: class names how to be?

That came to the first to me mind. But as soon as I register , the error does not fall out, and simply the code does not fulfill, well in sense the page opens dataless


Re: class names how to be?

To the developer of the adviser to return it , let alters)