Topic: VueJS + Firestore + FirebaseUI

There are here fans  to saw hand-made articles on modern ?
In sense I washed down such sheaf, and it works.
Question in how to force the built in authorization not to update page after an account choice.
1. At the first input on a site the anonymous user becomes authorized.
2. On pushing on  to Enter I show ui.start - I select an input method.
3. There is a readdressing of a current bookmark on a choice of an account or authorization Google.
4. Reverse readdressing in a bookmark on a site.
Here it is not pleasant to me.
POPUP in adjustments exposed...
But whether it does not plow, whether skis at me not from this places grow...
The most part of the code of the found examples is fastened on VUE-ROUTER, but would like without it.
Help -  the code,  the link to good article on a subject.
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