Topic: ExtJS 6.5.3 Display of all lines on the screen

Good afternoon!
Earlier I used Sencha ExtJS 4.2 and CSS parameter "x-grid-table" for display of all table (28 lines) to the screen without . An example (fiddle): https://fiddle.sencha.com/#view/editor&fiddle/2hld

.custom-grid.x-grid-table {
height: 100 %;
width: 100 %;

After update on ExtJS 6.5.3 found out that "x-grid-table" it is more inaccessible at display  since now each line  is the separate table. An example:
I tried to use x-grid-row

.custom-grid.x-grid-row {
height: 90px! important;

Yes, it works, but not as in 4.2 since it is necessary to set it manually and, hence, if I expose it under resolution 1920*1080 under 1366*768 employee any more does not see all pattern.
Whether it is possible to solve the given problem somehow?