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Hello world!
I want to receive the list of all installed drivers.
For this purpose I launch console PowerShell and I try to execute a command:


But I receive such error.
In what an error? It is necessary to connect any unit in addition?


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Under links to pierce - generally in any way?
Use DISM in Windows PowerShell .
Classical "dism-online-format:table-get-drivers" than does not arrange?


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Basil A. Sidorov;
Thanks, for your message.
Did not face yet such syntax, therefore decided to understand with it.
As I understood, for operation  Get-WindowsDriver DISM unit is necessary.
The machine on which I launch your script: Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter. Servis pack 1.
DISM unit means is not installed and there is nothing while to import.
But the utility dism.exe was search, means with it it is possible to work using CMD.
But judging by the documentation the key should begin with "/character
The script offered by you fulfilled both in CMD and in jacket PowerShell.
Only it is strange why in CMD not  on the character "-" before ? Or it  with "/"?
And still, from jacket PowerShell it is possible to launch CMD-scripts?


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dism accepts both variants (and "-" and "/"). Personally I prefer a minus.