Topic: gMSA and file storage out of the domain.

All greetings!
Recently started to use gMSA (Group Managed Service Accounts), as service  for start SQL-Servera in a cluster.
rose perfectly, but on the first task there was a complexity:
Our storage for  is out of the domain.
As the SQL Server is launched from gMSA-uchetki, it is necessary, that this  had access to storage on record.
That I tried:
1) Created Windows-Credential for the administrator of the domain, but it is visible is not spread on gMSA for it after that did not receive access.
2) Tried to launch cmdkey for gMSA , but the password which receive I is requested I can not, since it  the domain controler.
Actually, whether it is possible what  to register in the artful image  for such ?


Re: gMSA and file storage out of the domain.


where "name" - the local security account for storage?