Topic: WinWord2016 Setting

I want at discovery of the file prepared in WinWord, for example, Word 2016
Has been selected
1) a font "Courier New"
2) font size - 14.
3) Eng or Ru
4) the PARAGRAPH: the Interval 0
Line spacing - 1
Where these setting to fix?


Re: WinWord2016 Setting

At file discovery anywhere if only specially not to write for this purpose the code. For new files it is possible to set adjustments of a font from a dialog box the Font (Principal - the Font - a button of the expanded adjustments). There to adjust the necessary font and to push By default. To select for all documents based on Normal.dot.
Too most with paragraphs, only a dialog box cause from group the Paragraph on the tab Principal.
And here language can be installed only a choice in the menu and application restarting. For separate files it is impossible to select application language.