Topic: Problem with c default null

I create the table
create database interest;
use interest
create table interestss
interests varchar (50) not null;
interest1 varchar (20) not null;
interest2 varchar (20) not null;
interest3 varchar (20) not null;
interest4 varchar (20) not null
I try to fill it
insert into interestss
(' one, two, three, four ');
\\ I want to fill only a column interests
Produces (sm a screenshot)
Before such was not, to me that now value each time default nulll to do? Earlier and with not null tables , or in what here business? Like all it should be filled norms.


Re: Problem with c default null

Type if I want to leave  a column empty and not to fill to me it is necessary to specify that it on a default null?????


Re: Problem with c default null

If you do not want to fill in insert request value explicitly - that specify for this field default value.
And glory  these unique persons (which developers mysql) at last included these checks on a default instead of silent usage of not clearly what values.


Re: Problem with c default null