Topic: And what chats now are?

I want . It is necessary, that worked on iOS, Android, Windows, macOS. In an ideal that I could deliver the server, but is not critical. Normal integration with phone, that is quick  notification messages, and also normal operation in conditions  is mandatory, that is I  in phone and on the computer, read the message on the computer, the notification message from phone disappeared, history of chats everywhere one and . Also is mandatory normally operating application for the computer, i.e. at least not demanding triggered phone (like as what's up somehow so works) and normal superficial implementation, instead of the monster on an electron is very desirable. As far as I understand, there are such variants: Matrix, at it a problem with clients, problems with the server, but theoretically he like as should be able all it though I am strong not test silt. Jabber if to it to fasten 100500 XEP and to find clients and servers which will support all of them. Telegram, truth I on a desktop did not try it. But here a minus that it often lock, the superfluous haemoriver And like as  application settling. Skype. While like the most normal variant though I did not use for a long time it and speak it the monster and so on works badly. Though when I used it, too all abused it, and at me all norms was, . Well except that on iPhone 4S  (it was launched minutes 5), but here I blame more old phone, on it all . Once saw recommended wire.com, now came there, there any commercial . I something not so understood it or they ?


Re: And what chats now are?

Hello, vsb, you wrote: Slack - as there on mobile phones I do not know (clients under ios-android is, but I on  do not use chats), the server not to create, but it is possible to create the "team". For the company  it is close to an ideal. The channels, the good interface, it is possible to write bots. How much it is superficial - I do not know, I suspect that it something from discharge "the monster on an electron", however importance of this parameter I call in question.


Re: And what chats now are?

Hello, vsb, you wrote: facebook messenger. Joking apart, only it I use. It is still installed whatsapp, but at it any problems with  on mine  (Chinese 1+5), rarely come, sometimes in a month float