Kind time of days.
I select to myself the monitor, key parameters are:
- 21 "and above;
- Presence of a numeral input (it is desirable HDMI);
- Technologies Flicker Free (against flickers);
- Mode Eye Saver Mode (reduces a blue glow);
- The budget to 7000.
Presence fixing VESA is desirable, but is not mandatory.
The monitor is necessary in the core for operation in programs for plotting, text editors, possible editing of photos at amateur level, review of films, sometimes for toys.
At present time, I cannot be defined in a choice between two models.
More I tend to Samsung, but there are doubts.
1. Samsung S22E390H
2. BenQ GW2270HE
Now monitors will be connected to a notebook through connector HDMI, but in the future (in a year-two) I plan to take the stationary PC. In BenQ there is no presence of cable HDMI, it it is necessary to it  and as that difference in the price at these two monitors will not be.
I am am strained by some questions:
1. Judging by responses at  because of joystick presence are available  on a black background, for me on  the monitor (matrix TN), they too are available somewhere on a screen floor, but personally me do not strain also them in daily operation I do not note, but at  matrix PLS. Whether these  will be brighter and will be selected more strongly, whether increase further?
2. Whether the matrix rather PLS is much more worse VA? In shop the picture good was possible to look only .
3. Whether the probability of appearance  at BenQ is great?
What monitor will be more qualitative? Or there are variants better?
It is grateful to any help!