Many years were exploited the case with  + the percents with the built in videocard and other are installed.
At some instant time the sound (only) suddenly disappeared
Bought new , interposed - turned on nothing, but after check it was clarified that burned down any multi-controler.
Got "from a closet" other percents and mother, the videocard.
Like works, but from time to time without the visible reasons there is a blue screen with a heap , any counting with digit 100 and system reboots.
The strange phenomenon - is thus watched if simply program to ungear a computer (without ungearing  its switch) through any time the smell of the burned starts to be caught. And the computer then does not react to the button of switching-on of a clod on front .
The situation is corrected only after I ungear , I pull out a cable of a supply from , and then all upside-down.
The most interesting that at a switched on computer any  is not felt...
What can be?
I want to buy new mother and I am afraid to put on this ) if in it the reason...



I am afraid to put on this 
And old it was a pity to me to connect to it...:gigi:



At an out-of-operation computer the node on duty in  continues to work, to be heated and if malfunction something there to scorch