Question idle time. For adjustment of satellite plate Satellite Finder it is connected between the converter on a plate and a satellite receiver. The TV set, naturally is not required.
And so, the satellite receiver is necessary for connecting only for supply Satellite Finder or it fulfills still any functions at adjustment?
Whether it is possible submit on Satellite Finder necessary pressure from other power supply?
PS. I want to connect satellite TV, but layout of windows such that probability to "see" the companion 50\50. Available a plate with the converter and Satellite Finder. Whether It is possible to look for the companion without a receiver?



Without a receiver or TV with the satellite tuner to you not to manage.
The receiver not only submits a supply on so-called Satellite Finder, and works as
The signal receiver. Satellite Finder only shows signal level on the transponder on which
Your receiver is adjusted and more anything it does not do.



. Clarify a direction on the companion for your region. A compass and a goniometer to you in the help. To get that get, but  it is better.



Thanks huge for answers.
In general I also want to clarify level of a signal.
The compass and goniometer is not necessary, enough cards Google. There all corners and azimuths. On a summer residence I easily adjusted, only hour for three wink
And prompt then that it for the supply equipment? Or it for other purposes?
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I certainly am not assured, but is very similar on  for adjustment of the normal off-the-air antenna.



Difference not so big.  the signal catches?



Frequencies different, almost on the order.