Children, such question. I remember there was such glitch - do not know at me or and at many. And at all I do not remember when it was, but now it is very important to understand, how this glitch not to admit. In general there was a trick in that that the text from a notepad was copied together with passages to a new line. That is those word wrappings in a notepad which were automatic so as the text did not get completely - that these passages by any miracle were copied, well and understand, as a result in the field. For example in that in which I now write - these passages remained at copying that created text scraps.
What is such, what for a glitch? How to avoid, how  and at someone such was in Windows 10? It was for a long time, I seem then used still Windows XP. But I want to understand:shuffle:
All thanks and if what not so - excuse smile