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All greetings. Is w2008r2. Is MSSQL 2008r2 + Management Studio 2008 to it. All installed, adjusted, connected basis and all works. Then "Manager" in Windows disconnected standard  and created new  with a new name, added in group of managers. I come in Managment Studio, I use the local registration data from Windows, I try to open a database what to view tables, and it to me produces: "Database BDNAME is inaccessible. (ObjectExplorer)" as it can be corrected?


Re: access to bases

1. To include the Administrator backwards.
2. To come under the Administrator.
3. To create to the New administrator an input name on MS SQL.
4. To give to a name of an input membership in sysadmin.
5. To disconnect the Administrator.


Re: access to bases

aleks222, Thanks. Works!