Topic: Update of structure of identical circuits

All was when that perfectly, there was a circuit, in it is PROJECT_ID and questions all dared as that automatically, but our surprising country, is a lot of changes, and now, it is necessary that each circuit was separately, the zone of responsibility for the data changed, and programmers remained for all the same,
There was a big circuit with PROJECT_ID now there should be many identical circuits.
At once I write, it is not strong in features of Orakla, all always wrote pens. But it is assured that there is usefulness which can facilitate life
Question as well as than to do and make easier, comparing of circuits that it was evident, only circuits, the data is not interesting. And then, at update , tables, triggers that in all circuits changes were produced. (It turns out it is necessary a software to hammer in names and passwords to each circuit and at change of structure in all circuits there was an input in the circuit and changes) were fulfilled. Bothered to enter into everyone and to do the same actions.


Re: Update of structure of identical circuits

At oracle once (at the beginning of a century) there was a high-grade set of tools for a development full stroke, but it was merged in a toilet bowl.
Tell liquibase something can, and so - on the classic - to preempt changes in SVN and ANT them, ANT...


Re: Update of structure of identical circuits

In Toad there is a comparing of circuits with script generation that  other circuit both there, and it is reverse.


Re: Update of structure of identical circuits

Something is in Oracle SQL Developer (free)
I will add the reference under review of tools of comparing of circuits