Topic: Out of place upgrade from OBI11. to OBI11.

Good afternoon.
At last that passage with bi11. on BI12 is conceived.
How much I understood passage should consist of two parts:
1 a part: c on
2 a part: c on BI12
The second part did not reach yet and questions while is not present)
And here on the first is.
As it is possible to transfer all directory (reports, , , mailings.) from one server with on another from
All instructions found me (type here this https://blogs.oracle.com/cealteam/obiee … -to-11117x and https://www.rittmanmead.com/blog/2013/0 … 11-1-1-7/)
Tell as  copy BI in-place. About out of place could find nothing, except
"Once you have installed, you migrate your RPD, web catalog, security configuration and component configuration over
from your existing installation."
1. RPD from I open at I save and  the server.
2. And the directory how to transfer? Really simply catalogmanager th?