Topic: RS 12.6 There is no replication function-string

Replication between ASE1 (15.5/EBF 19393) and ASE2 (12.5.4) through two RS (RS1-id Server and RS 2). Both versions Replication Server/12.6/EBF 17469 ESD#10/NT.
in both sides as working bases, and RSSD.
On RS1 it is created Function string class-> My_Function-String set parent to rs_default_function_class.
It is selected for "connection" on both RS to the ASE and in  standard functions for difinition (rs_insert, rs_update are redefined...)
I administer replication in  Sybase Central through RSM the server.
At the moment at creation definition on RS1 on both RS in all classes there was a group with a name difinition but if on RS1 it contains a dial-up function string on RS2 it empty, and IN ALL classes, including rs_default_function_class.
If to create a subscription replication of the data begins, but any changes of functions on RS1 are not reflected in any way in replication.
That is if on RS1 for difinition TEST15601 rs_insert looks like:
if not exists (select 1 from Site where number =? "Lastsite"! new? and id=1)
insert into TEST (Lastsite, Site....) values (? "Lastsite"! new?? "Site"! new?...)
That on ASE2 comes simply
insert into TEST (Lastsite, Site....) values (? "Lastsite"! new?? "Site"! new?...)
And if such record in basis is, replication falls with dublicate key.
Probably that that happened to replication RSSD.
HOW It to correct?