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All greetings!
Under the Kubuntu 18 installed phpliteadmin

$ sudo apt-get install phpliteadmin
$ whereis phpliteadmin

And a question and how it to launch, and where its adjustments?
Google somehow ...
I found a file/etc/phpliteadmin.config.php:
With 1 in the line

$directory = '/var/lib/phpliteadmin ';

And a file:
/etc/apache2/conf-available/phpliteadmin.conf with a content:

# Depends: php7.0
# It will be easier for an user to find the root of the web-application.
DirectoryIndex phpliteadmin.php
DirectoryIndexRedirect permanent
<Files phpliteadmin.config.php>
# Forbid to read the configuration file that may contain a password.
# This is helpful for a case when mod_php is not activated.
Require all denied

I will not understand as it to install with necessary adjustments easier?
I got used that installing phpmyadmin it at me  on


Also expected the similar...


Re: How to adjust phpliteadmin

There like anything difficult in adjustment. The packet consists of two files "phpliteadmin.php" and "phpliteadmin.config.php". The configuration can be changed or in config a file or it to delete and change and change immediately in a working script.
$directory I set parameter, as false. In that case, I manually enumerated those databases which I want that were displayed. It is set in an array:

$databases = array (
array (
' path ' => ' C: \\home \\public_html \\catalog.db ';
' name ' => ' catalog'

If to deliver a folder path then a script itself we will search for databases. The way is underlined relative, according to the comment to adjustment "directory relative to this file to search for databases"

mstdmstd wrote:

And a file:
/etc/apache2/conf-available/phpliteadmin.conf with a content:

It is similar to a config from the apache for  . On full Url to a file phpliteadmin.php,  boots without problems. If it would be desirable, that it was accessible on other way and substitution of it Url on a real way to a file then it is necessary to look adjustments Apache and commands Alias was automatically produced.


Re: How to adjust phpliteadmin

Judging by adjustments, try so