Topic: How to cancel caching of pages from the Internet?

Found for  in a network such code:

Dim XMLHTTP, ADOStream, FileName
Set XMLHTTP = CreateObject ("Microsoft. XMLHTTP")
XMLHTTP.Open "GET", Replace (URL, "\", "/"), "False"
If XMLHTTP.statustext = "OK" Then
Set ADOStream = CreateObject ("ADODB.Stream")
ADOStream. Type = 1: ADOStream. Open
ADOStream. Write XMLHTTP.responseBody
ADOStream. SaveToFile LocalPath, 2
ADOStream. Close: Set ADOStream = Nothing
' MsgBox "it is not possible to download a file" and XMLHTTP.statustext
End If
Set XMLHTTP = Nothing

Hung up it on the button. All perfectly works, behind a small exception.
I know that the required page is updated 1 time a minute. (For this purpose also wrote the code)
If an ex-fur-tree not to close, even later 10 minutes, it is downloaded same. I suspect that undertakes from a cache.
If an ex-fur-tree to close and open, the button downloads the fresh data.
How to disconnect a cache?


Re: How to cancel caching of pages from the Internet?

To look at methods XMLHTTP, whether there is there a switch-off function .