Topic: Help to calculate the row total (2k+1) x^2k

Colleagues, help to solve exercise .1.5. From Kormena "algorithms"
My attempts come to an end what to present the row total as the total of the totals of rows, to carry out a twain, to spread out x^2k on x^2*x^k. Further business does not go.
I find in a network different decisions, to me their logic is not clear:
http://sites.math.rutgers.edu/~ajl213/CLRS/Appendix A.pdf


Re: Help to calculate the row total (2k+1) x^2k

It is possible to see that (2*k+1) *x ^ (2*k) is a derivative diff (x ^ (2*k+1) (x). Means to us enough to find the total x ^ (2*k+1), it is searched similarly to the total of the infinite geometrical progression, received to differentiate on x. Somehow so.