Topic: How to remove an icon from sketches and . in an explorer (without disconnecting a global option)?

There are files of a special format (some program).
The program adds the extension of an explorer for the format (+.).
Problem: over the sketch/pred.prosmotra it is stuck also an icon for the given format (in lower by the right to a corner), and it aloud hinders.
Restriction : to remove a tick "to Display tags of files on sketches" it is impossible - sketches of many formats do not deduce an icon even at the installed tick (for example jpg/png), it is necessary to make as.
Tried to open in the register:

and to delete value by default (there there was a way to an icon) - but for some reason did not help. Finished on an icon in the editor - for some reason too without effect.
Whether it means takes from an EXE file that? And it where in the register is underlined? Can will erase enough there?
Help please!