Topic: Delphi 7. Disconnected item in listbox. Or other idea?

Good afternoon. Whether overstayed that, the imagination ended.
Job essence in the following:
Is TListBox, the nomenclature reference manual is loaded in it, a la:
[quote =] 1 - tra-tra, including:
1.1 - cold
1.2 - is hot
1.3 - tasty
2 - following tra-that d
3 - one more tra-that d
4 - next tra-that d, including:
4.1 - green
4.2 - sweet

How to make disconnected (not selective)  (1 and 4 in the given example) that they could not be selected since they as a result do not carry semantic loading and on them there are no counters?
That found a maximum on it so it in to expose property lbOwnerDrawFixed and in the output agent to make the plotting by color.
Can push on other thought?