Topic: Complexities by operation with Extend Ancestor Script

The matter is that it is frequent even at marked tick EAS scripts of events sometimes are treated by the compiler as override.
There are also absolutely strange things. In a sheaf the Ancestor-> Offspring 1-> Offspring 2 I write a script of event for the Ancestor and in any way I do not change it in descendants. I cause event in the Descendant 2, I do not receive any error, but also actions any does not happen - as if the empty script was fulfilled! I add comments in scripts of the Descendant 1 and the Descendant 2, I save under included EAS, I launch the program, I cause event - works!
Thus sometimes all works "under the theory", without any added comments... In what there can be a hitch? Perhaps I incorrectly compile?


Re: Complexities by operation with Extend Ancestor Script

There was such glitch
Enough was to pass in a script of the ancestor, then reversely and once again to save - started to work.
As a rule on the migrated objects