Topic: Obtaining of changes in the code from in falling

All greetings! There is Visual Studio Community Edition. Is git. There is a falling under a debugger. I see , I want to receive in as much as possible simple image the list of those who recently changed the code in the methods mentioned in . In  now I can  feed to a script on python in which becomes git blame-L... On each line . And in studio now it is necessary to click with hands frames in   and then hands to look who and when changed - that not so conveniently. Here I think as to solve the task in studio with a minimum of manual actions. Who prompts that? Whether did not understand it is possible to receive  from a studio debugger through the console (not from ) - it is desirable type GitBash, or whether it is possible  studio a debugger a python, or whether it is possible to make easily and quickly a plug-in to studio?