Topic: And again our students - the first!

This time - Petersburg mathematicians https://mel.fm/novosti/631794-studenty- … matematike the St.Petersburg State University National team won a victory on the annual international Olympic Games on mathematician IMC 2018 in the Bulgarian Blagoevgrad. Students bypassed competitors from 70 high schools of the world. On a St.Petersburg State University site: https://spbu.ru/press-center/press-reli … mpiadu-imc the National team of St.Petersburg State University some years are included successively into triple of the best student's commands participating in the Olympic Games. This year the University command became the winner of competitions, bypassing 70 modular high schools from every corner of the globe. Following the results of the general offset which adds three best results and a mean score on command, students-mathematicians Daniel Klyuyev, Pavel Gubkin, Stanislav Ershov, Nikita Dobronravov and Ignat Sokolov typed 335 points.