Topic: Cossacks write the letter to the Turkish sultan

Well, now, it is possible not to doubt, the Maidan purposes will be reached in the shortest periods.  will be  with a root.  with . ! Dear madam Haspel! In far 70-s' years of last century, being in camp for political prisoners in the USSR, I had huge respect for your country. Then the United States of America seemed to me the ideal state actively protecting human rights all over the world. In many respects all and was. Today your country supports Ukraine in heavy opposition with Putin Russia. You also try to help to get rid to us of a malignant tumor of the corruption corroding all our state system. Nevertheless, I am forced to ask you to stop the expressed corruption activity of your employee of mister Voznjaka, the official curator of CIA in Ukraine. Without having on that any powers from you and without possessing the appropriate competence, it persistently lobbies personal interests of sister Uljany Suprun, unfortunately, a fulfilling duty of the Minister of Health of Ukraine holding a post. Destructive activity of madam Suprun is obvious for a long time already to all expert community in my country. I do not know, what arguments your employee mister Voznjak influences the President of Ukraine, stopping its intention to remove Uljanu Suprun from a post and. An island of the minister. But I know well that such behavior of mister Voznjaka in my country is display of that corruption from which the United States of America help us to struggle. Convincingly I ask you: stop mister Voznjaka! With sincere respect, Simeon Gluzman. The doctor, the president of association of psychiatrists of Ukraine, a member of the American psychiatric association. A source: the Kosher link on similar and  a forehead of the beating: The principal Ukrainian psychiatrist told tales about minister Suprun to its American heads