Topic: Service plans in MS SQL

Good afternoon;
There is such problem. At me the order of 30 plans  from which pieces 4 simply are not fulfilled.
Though there is a periodicity every day.
Tried to Delete the plan and to create new with the same title, does not help.
The remaining fulfill under the schedule.
Any error does not produce, in log it is empty. If forcedly I fulfill, works.
MS SQL 2016 server.
Where it is possible to look or what to esteem on this subject.


Re: Service plans in MS SQL

In which log it is empty?
Adjust  the plan and esteem its broad gull.


Re: Service plans in MS SQL

Probably something with the rights.
I had one plan, a cat. Simply it ceased to be fulfilled, though was actual. In performance broad gulls it was simple nothing.
- earned.  as such it is possible.


Re: Service plans in MS SQL

Look at next run date. If I am not mistaken if to "play" on the server in due course (or somehow so) next run can leave in the past and itself it will not be launched any more


Re: Service plans in MS SQL

Thanks, I will try to look a broad gull and new .