Topic: Question about substring from blob

Good afternoon.
FB 2.5.8, CharSet A DB - WIN1251
We have a blob-field sub_type text - a certain text is stored in it. Length of the text about 1300000 characters.
It is necessary to pull out a part of the text from the middle . Function substring (:F_BLOB from 100000 for 32000) returns blank line.
By creeping  it was clarified that from  substring th it is possible to pull out only the first 61441 characters.
Function substring (:F_BLOB from 61440 for 32000) returns 1 character.
This such restriction for type fields blob?
Or I do something not so?
Yours faithfully, Polesov.


Re: Question about substring from blob

Polesov, all aforesaid - not truth.
The matter is that the text from a file was loaded in a blob-field in IBExpert in a mode "As Text" - booted for some reason only 61441 character.
After blob-field reboot in a mode "As Hex" - all is normal.