Topic: How to make append query of records in the table (GUID)

Hello !
In shape there is a button at pushing on which it is necessary to fulfill append query of record in the table:

INSERT INTO OrderList (ID_Order, SortOrderList, NameOrderList, Price) SELECT [TempVars]! [VarOrderID] AS 1, [TempVars]! [VarProductShort] AS 2, [TempVars]! [VarProductName] AS 3, [TempVars]! [VarProductPrice] AS 4;

In a variable VarOrderID I appropriate from the form field value [ID_Order] with type the replication code (GUID), tried directly, and through conversion GUID to String. The request produces an error (violation of uniqueness of a key).
How it can be made?
The decision:
[spoiler] While wrote, it turned out to solve, can to whom it is useful:
In request of data source of the form, added a field ID_Order_String: StringFromGUID ([ID_Order]) at once with conversion GUID to String in request instead of in a variable , and in a variable I write down directly field value.
And everything, all earned! [/spoiler]