Topic: External function hangs up

long ll_res
OleObject lole_pdf
lole_pdf = CREATE OleObject
Yield ()//Added from a hopelessness. Does not help.
Sleep (1)//Added from a hopelessness. Does not help.
Yield ()//Added from a hopelessness. Does not help.
lole_pdf. ConnectToNewObject (".")
ll_res = lole_pdf. Fun1 ()//Here hangs up
Destroy lole_pdf

It is in a cycle.
Sometimes there is a hangup here:

ll_res = lole_pdf. Fun1 ()

writes a broad gull to a file. There it is visible that function Fun1 stopped to work and returned value.
For any reason  does not receive this value and continues to wait...
Problem only in a cycle. By an individual call all is normal.
But there is no communication with an amount of stoppings (sometimes 30 cycles transit normally, sometimes hangs up on the second stopping).
Regenerate / Full Build, removal  from a cycle - a problem does not solve.
What it is possible to invent?


Re: External function hangs up

Riska ;
That can that from this:
- Can it is necessary and ConnectToNewObject to carry out from a cycle?
- Can it is necessary check ConnectToNewObject on success?
- Can it is necessary DisconnectObject do and too check?
- The log-file can at the next reversal is occupied, i.e. check and wait when will be released...