Good afternoon!
in 4 (in the long term couples of years and in 8) with a large quantity of splices, effects, AI schedules and the other corresponding.
Where, on what to look first of all; on an amount of kernels or for the speed?
Smoothness of a preview, total absence of friezes, and certainly fast final  is important.
System I will change completely and accordingly I consider as Intel and AMD.



1 - time there are more than flows. That  went faster.
Ryzen 2700 now a favourable choice which gave battle expensive LGA2011-3 and LGA2066.
X version possesses higher regular frequencies. But also 2700, and 2700X in acceleration become identical.
Once again about a configuration of a computer for video-tape editing (a part 2), #2998
2 - the appropriate videocard, two. Just, that  did not brake. Conditionally, gtx 1050 if on a computer only video-tape editing 4k, and games are not present.
I with it do not work, I can not consider something.
For configs there are separate subjects.
Selecting only the processor, remaining you can successfully fill up.