For games, bought  Logitech G13 (costs to the left of present normal ) - there macroes, and all 500 buns and miracles of the world under games
Now, the main decided to think over a choice  (under operation, text printing) - on possible changeover available old
The keypad is necessary:
- The keypad for operation (not )
- Not-game (any macroes, ".", an additional software, possible  keyboard shortcuts, or  that software, etc. - simply thrust  in a computer, it already works - in , in OS, everywhere)
- Whenever possible as much as possible "standard" layout of keys on the keypad
- Minimum (or absence generally) "superfluous" keys
- Not "USA-format" of layout of keys (and mandatory that to what got used in Russia)
- The normal human standard horizontal size of keys
- Normal horizontal surface of keys (its concavity, as at normal keypads - not the strong concavity)
- The normal human vertical size (and a course) keys
- Convenient pleasant vertical course of keys
- Low sound (not mechanics - a diaphragm, or something another is not worse)
- Illumination of buttons (it is desirable that also Russian letters too were highlit - and not just, English)
- The wire
- In height, the standard size (not mega "thick" up)
- Absence of the big support for hands / or such support simply acts in film, without spoiling appearance  when the support is removed
It is desirable:
- The white
- Good (pleasant) material of keys



(vkontakte.52329088) SilentComputer
For operation here years 20 I use Microsoft Ergo 4000. The first model at me is live till now (by the way, it was white), only years 10 as is morally obsolete. The second, actual today, unfortunately, black and without illumination. But for any other it I will not exchange. Look, if is where to try - try. Probably, and it is pleasant to you.



GrayWolf , well Ergo as I remember, still same 20 years ago the microsoftware all struggled with "a tunnelno-beam syndrome of hands", and is proud carried this slogan  here this  Ergo
On me so occupation this it so-so - my hands never from "normal"  were not ill, and here "" to  (that then also to wean from "normal"  - on other computer, on operation, etc.) it would not be desirable
The whole world and until now sits on "normal" , general hospitalization and "falling off hands" is not revealed:rolleyes:
Ergo - I so think, is suitable in the core to people printing huge texts on  - writers, translators, and .. Not mine



I do not know, how into the account of a tunelno-beam syndrome, but to work on it (and to play too) enough  conveniently. And yes, I - not the writer. Now - already generally, even a software. More likely the repairman-system-manager. But, nevertheless, to change it it would not be desirable. And yes, on other keypads - there are no problems. Except smaller convenience of operation. If that - I do not agitate, simply I impart experience. While and so anybody is more offers than nothing.



(And to play too) enough  it is convenient.
Now at me for this purpose , with macroes (plus ., even  there is smile)
Did not meet suitable "separate" programs for macroes (on normal , etc.), it is normal many games where they stupidly do not work (the same AutoHotKey, etc.)
But, nevertheless, to change it it would not be desirable.
Matter of habit
Now, it would be desirable me  with illumination (for printing in the dark)
Besides, "" I still that (though also the programmer, itself smile), a technique of the blind press I do not own, each time when I print the text always I look on  on keypad keys



(vkontakte.52329088) SilentComputer
Besides, "" I still that (though also the programmer, itself), do not own a technique of the blind press, when print each time the text always I look on  on keypad keys

[off] To a pain a familiar situation. Already even some times put learning programs, but stupid  for the speed I long do not withstand this.
And  I tried. Logitehovsky - the most convenient but only because he practically repeats a piece  (but as you noted, has 100500 more buns). Tried from Rajzera - heaped even more up. Did not come. Removed aside, and continued to play on . [/off]
Familiar (the translator and , moderates even here any game subject) took to itself such miracle - Logitech G910. Basically praises. Only a trouble with quality - I already two times assorted it, keys to it changed. Inside awfully looks - as though  Chineses soldered. Even fluxing agent is not washed off. But he says that that he wanted. Look also, this can it is pleasant.



[off] Tried from Rajzera - heaped even more up.
In :
- It is less than buttons
- Mechanics (the sound, on idea is stronger)
- Moronic controlling a software (demanding for the operation of the Internet, and not working in  as I understand)
My strong impression - that all firm of Razer (all their production - mice, , , etc.) it not that other as a simply bluntly fierce Chinese trash, with "" its advertizing [/off]
Logitech G910 I look already - but it too     how I understand?
It would be desirable not "" (without an additional controlling software that is, and without any program  somehow macroes, etc., and without special physical  smile)
Logitech G910 - looked for responses:

Very convenient keys with very characteristic mechanical sound at pushing (probably, does not approach for at whom in a room small children, since a sound of keys loud enough sleep).
Oblique buttons with knife edges were not pleasant to me. The keypad very thick (high), even with wide (all it is narrowish for me) a support for hands at me personally a wrist lies on desktop, and fingers are turned unusually out to top.

- not, mechanics sounds, are not necessary to me
Concerning height , added point in requirements in the first post
Mechanics -  for just those "people printing huge texts on " (writers, translators...) it is very suitable and good?



(vkontakte.52329088) SilentComputer
[off] Well, the account of Rajzera - it agree. Judging by personal experience and many responses, it simply one continuous . [/off]
Into the account of 910th - from myself I will not tell anything, but, I will repeat, the acquaintance earning on life by transfers, praises. And it is explicit not because bought expensively and now wants to justify purchase. It, happened during good times, bought 2-3 , month looked narrowly, selected the best, remaining sold on cheap stuff. It will not justify unsuccessful purchase. But it is necessary to remember also that all people - different. And two identical translators or writers also are not present. Therefore its experience cannot serve  to action, and only a hint looks in that side and draw own outputs.



The acquaintance earning on life by transfers, praises. And it is explicit not because bought expensively and now wants to justify purchase.
And two identical translators or writers also are not present.

Well that's it that it itself hands prints the translator, the big texts - mechanics here abruptly and as it is impossible by the way for such tasks - and its noise for it, it simply its normal working atmosphere smile
At me, the purpose and the task others - "hyperconvenience" to printing of treatises is not necessary to me - I need to minimize noise. Therefore, not mechanics (and a diaphragm, or something else)
Here I want to find (if is such)  where are highlit both English and Russian letters. These are highlit not "sideways" (from below), and here  on keys transparent, and light goes through them
Thus, color (and color of light) English and Russian letters - should be a miscellaneous smile
It, happened during good times, bought 2-3 , month looked narrowly, selected the best, remaining sold on cheap stuff.
In a subject for choice , to  for years look narrowly initially...:D



(vkontakte.52329088) SilentComputer
- A low sound (not mechanics - a diaphragm, or something another is not worse)
The mechanics with MX brown switches and O-ring more silently other diaphragm, and tactile sensations where is better. I recommend Kingston HyperX Alloy FPS Pro or Elite depending on necessity . They with different switches go, here the article with brown HX-KB2BR1-RU/R1. Is and RGB the version already.
Russian letters are highlit well (light goes through them), and here the font not so is pleasant to me.
I do not know factory  with illumination of a rus-armor of letters by different colors. To itself did individually. G11 DIY LED . Purely theoretically, it is possible to take RGB  and to drip on area of Russian letters from within keys of a red transparent varnish. Will be white + red. Almost on  (the standard of a coloring of Russian letters of black keypads - red or yellow).
Like only black, but the dirt not so is noticeable.



- =DGN = -
Kingston HyperX Alloy Elite
Russian letters are highlit well


Illumination only red as on me it is a minus.
Awful sound
Thus, the sound at pushing of keys is so awful that I hastened to give this keypad to the acquaintance faster.
Never understood mechanical keypads, for what to pay such huge money.
It is possible to select a mode with absorption of sounds
There are no macroes
Loud pushings of keys.
From experience I will tell that pushings of keys very loud to play it does not turn out at night.
Is not present RGB illumination
Illumination only red color also has 4 brightness levels.

here on a sound of keys, did not understand about "a mode with absorption of sounds"
Also it is possible , on the RGB-version? - By the way, what this such generally? smile
interested - causes trust brand Kingston - if to trust responses, it it is valid for  and cybersportsmen.
"There are no macroes" - so, and it is necessary for me
P.S. Yes, and Kingston HyperX Alloy FPS Pro - it that, without  on it?
I do not know factory  with illumination of a rus-armor of letters by different colors.
Like I somewhere saw such...  letters red,  letters yellow
Like only black, but the dirt not so is noticeable.
Yes, now  all hit in black  - to find that white and with illumination, it is the task  already, I think... Probably  for what-thread poppies is such, only...



(vkontakte.52329088) SilentComputer
Do not read for the night responses from a market. wink
There are different types mechanical MX switches, including rather loud as  blue and almost silent brown, RGB it is possibility to set any color of illumination to any button. About - without , elite - with  and  the unit (very convenient, does not hinder).
elite rgb HX-KB2BR2-RU/R1 silent
No mode  is present a sound and cannot be, on conscience of the copywriter writing a response.



- =DGN = -
elite rgb HX-KB2BR2-RU/R1 silent
Perhaps, that is necessary (RGB + switches brown)
And happens "same" (RGB + switches brown) but Alloy FPS Pro (without )?
Looked at responses (there under the link, by the button to "buy", from distributors):

Application - with an output of this keypad HyperX let out the application
HyperX NGenuity for control of illumination and many other functions
Such as, macroes and .
Noisy enough gap.

I Hope, they not  these macroes there? - Or, it is possible simply not  them?
Yes, if switches blue it is noisy - that that better, switches red or brown? - Like there in responses at someone that red was pleasant less than brown
P.S. And the Logitech in the , on a course merged...:rolleyes:



(vkontakte.52329088) SilentComputer
On responses the most silent - brown.



And in addition to requirements :
Not erased letters - are something not too expensive?
And that  at us employees conduct enrollment of citizens. To print it is a lot of, but the main problem not physical deterioration of keypads though it too is - namely deleting of letters.



Mastodont , my old  the Genius  already - knows how many years while on one button there  it was not erased (including, on buttons on which  happened powerful  in games smile)
And so, it is possible to buy simply a pack  , suffices for a long time
Or such  with illumination on which letters on keys it is such plastic transparent insertions in a surface of keys, through these insertions there is light



Literally yesterday acquired the game keypad, but not for games, namely for operation:
Steelseries Apex 100
The choice reasons:
- The classical form, without aerodynamic design;
- Standard layout of keys, but with a key of input US of the standard, is pleasant such form;
- There are no multimedia buttons unnecessary me;
- The solid weight, does not fidget on desktop;
- Standard height of buttons, it is convenient to print the text;
- The keypad works from a box, i.e. any drivers it is not required, though there is a firm utility which allows to reassign keys but if it is not necessary accordingly it is possible not to install.
There are some minuses or singularities are faster:
- Keys hardly already, than in standard office keypads not to tell that creates any discomfort, but it would be desirable, that they were standard, i.e. is wider, but is noncritical or more likely it is unusual;
- Instead of the right key Win - firm key Steelseries which, in a combination to functional , allows to regulate brightness of illumination of the keypad, to a word completely not mandatory for normal office usage, also can regulate loudness of system;
- Illumination of the keypad which can be disconnected completely that did not hinder to work, any loading it does not carry functional.



- thought ja-thought, and understood that any "special" big  is not necessary to me (covered  Logitech G300S and  Logitech G13 - in which recently, opened for itself macro language LUA) - on all about all out of games that suffices my old white membrane wire standard  Genius - on white   conveniently to print in the afternoon, and at night that  I include  a lamp and all is convenient too smile - on desktop "does not fidget" if to moisten rubber pinches with its water, or to paste to desktop (and as breaks or   this old mine - I will buy same new standard cheap white)
. for operation in , etc. - now at me on  and on the mouse
The big game keypads - angrily,
Including, and under a thumb of the left hand - on  mine it is a lot of buttons (and on any generally big  - under it only a gap and an alto)
All thanks for councils