At switching-on  and the output on a desktop when starts to boot Catlist Control Center at once is cut on full the fan and  is cut down. From the second time of switching-on all is already normal.
I can not understand in what a problem.  so itself conducted from the moment of purchase. At me stood still Windows XP so that such  it was necessary to come into it and when the computer heated up on the fan then to overload on Windows 7 at what the system was reinstalled on two different Windows 7 Ultimate and Windows 7 Professional but the same effect.
In autoload this Catalist was ungeared , but the problem did not disappear.
Can to advise who that what to do with it? And in what there can be a problem?
At a logging in in some minutes the Internet disappears "Connection restrictedly or "
At reinstallation of system Windows 7 Professional connection to the Internet ceased to work. More truly it is when enter into system
But then something very long boots also it Connection restrictedly disappears after that "or misses" helps to pull out and interpose only a cable reversely.
Did not help reinstallation of drivers for a network card, not  protocol addresses manually. What here it is possible to make?