The people;
Here I love wine. Not the super judge of elite wines, but nevertheless bottles 5-10 different red houses is always. Today received affliction, opened one small bottle of Bordeaux 1,5. Rbl., and it is spoiled....:weep::mad: Here I want to get to myself a wine cabinet with control of temperature, bottles on 8 standard Bordeaux. What recommend? On what to pay attention?
Here that found in J.Markete:
1 LeFutur LF2228 - 4999
2 Tesler WCH-080 - 6445
3 GASTRORAG JC-16C - 7250  (this on 6 )
4 Gemlux GL-WC-8W - 7295
Visually did not see any, and under the description Gemljuks most of all was pleasant.
What to select? Yes... The Kitchen at me 5, therefore something huge is not located...



AV-division And something sensible can advise?!



To tell the truth, I would look at a wine cabinet with two departments (for white/sparkling and red). Even if at you almost always red houses. Well and 8 bottles of capacity, will seems to me a little.



Olga Nel
I store only the red. White wine and champagne I do not love absolutely. Even if I buy, for the immediate use - it is possible to cool in the refrigerator. Volume in 8  it because of a small place on kitchen.
By the way a question. How much, I understood cabinets happen compressor and thermoelectric. What it is better? Like speak that for wine thermoelectric do not create superfluous jolting. But banal erudition says that the compressor is more effective and more economic than elements of Pelte. And so I understand that compressor already go in volume from 12 . What to select?