Not clearly and interesting:
Friends gave workers: a floor-mat. A board, the RAM and the videocard.
Floor-mat. A board - MSI ms 7529 ver 1.6
AMI BIOS ver 4.2 08102009
Delivered it kindly in , connected.
OS is not launched - well all right, reinstallation, probably, this question dares. Live usb Ubuntu boots and works normally.
And here that interests: at connection and usb-device Speaker switch-off peeps. For old  the such it was not watched. It generally a normal situation? It seems that is not present... Well and then in what there can be a reason of abnormal behavior?
On the message I apply the link to an audio file, in it 4 peeps are written down: , , , .
Prompt, please, in what business can be.



(vkontakte.158054748) Darina of Shevchenko
We specify - the speaker reacts on USB in , Ubuntu, or in fresh Win?
If in  - a problem old, but in time unresolved. In the case specified above  a problem, and the speaker () it is simple so will not peep.
First of all it is necessary to check USB-devices, whether short on the case, then an output to MT, receptacles of connection USB and FrontPanel JFP1-JFP2. Marking is resulted under PCI-EX slot.
Sockets to which connect the PC should be connected by today's standards - with protective nulling. Not to forget to check up jumper JBAT1 - a default 1-2



renii :
Speaker reacts in , in Live usb Ubuntu - is not present, old OS installed on a hard disk - Win7 does not boot.
I did not specify at once, thought that the excessive information can: the computer peeps and at switching-on. There there is a certain regularity:
1. If both plugs in JUSB1 and JUSB2 are connected, and no usb-device the computer at switching-on peeps 1 time is connected. If 1 device - 2 times, 2 devices - 3 times is thus connected.
2. If "the cast" plug (which it is interposed in JUSB1) is disconnected, and "not cast" the plug is connected (which interposed in JUSB2) at switching-on the computer does not peep, but peeps at usb-device connection/switching-off.
Prompt how to check up, please, short usb-devices on the case or not.
Once again rechecked: JBAT1 - like in position 1-2 (it is simple on a board is not present the designation "1", recognize that at vertical layout JBAT1 "1" should be on top); JFP1, JFP2, JUSB1, JUSB2, JPWR1, JPWR2 - on how many I can judge, too it is connected correctly.
As a whole from an old computer with me remained: the case, hdd, , remote terminal units. The filter and sockets I use the same.



(vkontakte.158054748) Darina of Shevchenko
If under Ubuntu the speaker is silent, the sound of connection USB means was redirected on a sound card of MT. We will consider it as feature MSI, to use a beeper at periphery connection at level  - put Win then resources Beep and MT audiodevices arrange system sounds at level of drivers. Various . I eliminate, ...