It would be necessary to replace a computer. And the monitor I want to buy 4
On the processor something is necessary at level G4620 (normal productivity in 4 flows, good productivity in 1 flow, the good built in video kernel with support of all necessary video codecs). But the ill luck - is not present support Win 8.1. 10-ku simply I do not want. With  couple of days tried to be on friendly terms, it was not pleasant that glitches much.
Alternatively I look on .. i3-6100. As I think can red look in a camp (to 65), but there in 1 flow feeble productivity and big tdp seems to me.
On : mATX, either with DisplayPort, or with HDMI 2.0
It would not be desirable to have problems with fire wood for the built in video kernel and any pieces on  for Win 8.1



And the monitor I want to buy 4
If you want 4k video a content on hardware acceleration, then a way only in Win10. At me it is accelerated (youtube) only on actual audits of ten. The eight strains the processor.
Probably, it is connected to version WDDM.



??? Now that's something like it. Somehow at all it is very much trusted.... That Core i 6th generation with  fire wood on the built in video kernel by operation under 7/8/8.1 does not accelerate VP9. 10-ku I precisely do not want, as well as . Can you use not built in video kernel, and discrete?
It seems to me 460fps i3-6100 or G4620 processor kernels it is not drawn out. At me 720p loads on the average 16 % from Q8400s (at a turn on 1280 pixels of width), it means 460fps will load 307 % from my processor (with jumpings up to 400 %), or somewhere 150 % from i3-6100 -  does not draw out generally, and 4k30fps will be .
4k - it is simple because the old monitor is time for throwing out, and to take new with the same lacks I do not want, in particular I do not want low definition fonts (and smaller size besides than now), I want accurate as on phone fonts. But time the monitor will be 4, also all remaining tasks, by which I on it do (web surfing, video, sometimes video 4) should work normally.



Can you use not built in video kernel, and discrete?
What it matters, if discrete too supports vp9 is hardware.
Now again on 10 passed (1803), and again all here is good with 4k 60 .



Interesting enough...
Theoretically that to Windows should be all the same what video codec and what resolution. In the theory it then should and H.264 in HD not to accelerate. Though in practice deliberate restrictions can take place. However you speak that on early version 10 too did not work, means most likely matter is not in are deliberate restrictions.
It would be desirable certainly still examples.... The Reason can be different. As the variant the video driver from the vendor of the graphic processor did not make friends with .
... And as people 4k60fps looked one year ago. Without acceleration...
Does not accelerate only 4? FULLHD accelerates? There are notebooks with 4k displays, there without acceleration generally in any way.



FULLHD accelerates?
And yes, Fullhd youtube sinkers i5 on ~30 %. Though before such on 8.1 was not.



It seems to me not be FULLHD accelerations at all 7, 8, 8.1 - users of notebooks would lift ... Though goodness knows....
But think. full_hd the typical task.  Core i3/i5 6th generations - it loads capitally and quickly eats the battery also will rustle. I think if it carried mass, instead of private character dissatisfied would be much... But can all all the same however. Who knows them.
There is still a variant that fresh 8.1 normally works, and with all updates, for the purpose of stimulation of passage to 10 something any more does not work as it is necessary... (I such in XP noted, when the notebook suddenly began brake terribly, the reason appeared in updated DEP).